Sunday, 1 October 2023

Handling Homeowner ship Challenges as a Team


Explore common challenges that homeowners face and how to tackle them together.

Saturday, 30 September 2023

Planning for Future Family Additions to Your Home

 Consider how your home will accommodate potential future family additions, such as children or


GENDER: Female

🔹Name: Aqsa

🔹father name:  M.Izhar

🔹 Education:  M.phil.cont

🔹 Age: 27y

🔹Height: 5' 4""

🔹 Caste:  Rajpoot

🔹Sect:maslak  sunni

🔹 business/job. Own School

🔹income.  Al Hamdulliah             

🔹Adress:  Sodiwal Lahore    

🔹status marriage?  Singal


🔹 Father:  Not Alive

🔹 Mother:  Principal

🔹 Brothers: 4

🔹 Sisters: 3

🔹Married:sis . 2 Bro

🔷Residence:  .......


🔸Max age:  30y

🔸Education: Master

🔸Height. 5.8

🔸City:  Lahore

   Cuntry Pakistan

🔸Cast: Rajpoot 

Monday, 25 September 2023

Navigating Homeownership as Married Partners

                                            Navigating Homeownership as Married Partners

Discuss legal and financial considerations unique to married couples who own property together.


🔹Name: Imran

🔹father name: 

🔹 Education:  Bachelors of Electronics Engineering 

🔹 Age: 34

🔹Height: 5.8

🔹 Caste: Rajput


🔹 business/job: Cloud Automation Engineer 

🔹income.  500,000 ++                    

🔹Adress: Wapda Town            

🔹status marriage?  Divorced 


🔹 Father: Retired Electrical Engineer from Saudi Arabia. Managing Farmland

🔹 Mother: Home Maker

🔹 Brothers: 2 both Married 

🔹 Sisters: 1

🔹Married:sis .0

🔷Residence: 1 Kanal Wapda Town


🔸Max age: 25 -28

🔸 Marital Status: Single

🔸Education: 4 year’s Bachelor from University 

🔸Height. 5.4 +

🔸City: any major city. Good societies. 


🔸Cast: Any except Butt or Gujjar

Saturday, 23 September 2023

Setting a Realistic Budget for Your Home

        Learn how to establish a budget that aligns with your income and long-term financial goals.

Name: Sara 

Gender: Female

Martial Status. Unmarried 

Age: 26

Height:5 Feet 2-3 Inch 

Health Condition: Mashallah Good

Sect (Maslak) : Sunni


Disability  : None.  Qualifications:

Msc Zoology 

Currently Lecturer at Aspire College Lahore.

Family Details

Father Name: Muhammad Iqbal

Father  Occupation: Bank Employee (Retired)

Mother Occupation: Housewife

Siblings: 5.

Married : None

1st Elder Brother: Master in Commerce (Finance, Tax Manager) in a reputed company DHA LHR.

2nd Younger Sister: 


3rd : Younger Brother 


both doing Job in Software House LHR.

4th Younger Sister 

Student of BSCS 3rd Semester (Lahore)

5th Younger Bro is 

HAFIZ E QURAN (Continue).  


Wednesday, 20 September 2023

Finding the Perfect Location for Your Home

               Explore how to choose a location that suits both partners' needs and preferences.

GENDER: Female


🔹father name:  ali khan 

🔹 Education:  B.D.S.

🔹 Age:33 yrs


🔹 Caste: pathan 

🔹Sect:maslak sunni 

🔹 business/job. Dentist

🔹income. 45k                    

🔹Adress: islamabad          

🔹status marriage? Single 


🔹 Father: deceased 

🔹 Mother: house wife 

🔹 Brothers: 3

🔹 Sisters: 2

🔹Married:sis .2

🔷Residence: own sector  F/10


🔸Max age: 33 , 33+

🔸Education: engineer,  doctor ,  chartered accountant,  phd 

🔸Height. 5/ 9

🔸City: any

   Cuntry: Australia 


Saturday, 16 September 2023

Financial Planning for Your Future Home Together

 Discuss the importance of creating a financial plan to achieve your homeownership goals as a couple

GENDER:  female


🔹father name: Ali khan

🔹 Education:  BS English 

🔹 Age:25


🔹 Caste: khan awan

🔹Sect:maslak sunni muslim

🔹 business/job.   No

🔹income.         No             

🔹Adress:           Rawalpindi 

🔹status marriage? Single


🔹 Father: yes 

🔹 Mother: yea

🔹 Brothers: no

🔹 Sisters: 5

🔹Married:sis .3

🔷Residence: Rawalpindi 


🔸Max age: 28 29

🔸Education: atleast becholars

🔸Height. 5.10 atleast 

🔸City: prefer Rawalpindi 


🔸Cast: any