Monday 30 October 2023

Dealing with Social Pressures and Societal Expectations in Partner Selection

 Address the challenges and pressures individuals face from society and peers when selecting a life partner.

Name:aamir ALI shah

Father name: hussain shah

Education: FA



Caste: syed bukhari


Bussiness/job: supervisior in a superstore

Incomr:1500 euro

Address : fara sabina riete

Marriage status: single


Father: yes




Married sis:no also want for her

Residence: mansehra kpk


Max age:30

Education:not matters

Height:5.5 or more 

City:no matters

Country: no matters if they or out of country than good

Cast: must be syed shia and most if she is pathan

Saturday 28 October 2023

Cultural Factors in Finding the Right Life Partner in Pakistan

Pakistan culture on the process choosing a life partner, including traditional customs, values, and norms.


🇩🇿Age:—24 yrs

🇩🇿Marital Status: -single

🇩🇿Color:- Fair

🇩🇿Height: -5.5


🇩🇿Qualification :- BDS

🇩🇿*Professional Experience:


🇩🇿Religion:  ISLAM

🇩🇿Cast: Arain,sunni



💁‍♀️1-Kanal and 10-marla bahria town lahore



Father's  Occupation..

Banker Senior Vice President 

Mother:-Associate Professor

Brothers:-elder one is MBBS,second one is Software Engineer and last one is doing job in Australia 

🇩🇿Sisters:one is MBBS


🇩🇿Cast : Arain

🇩🇿Education:-Well settled,qualified, Doing job Doctor or other

Age:upto 28yrs

🍃City:-Preferably Lahore

Friday 27 October 2023

The Impact of Education and Career on Marriage Choices in Lahore

                           The Impact of Education and Career on Marriage Choices in Lahore

                   Understand how educational and career choices influence marriage decisions in

                   Lahore's evolving society.

Name : Rashid Ahmad 

       2. Age : 32

       3. Gender : Male

       4. Qualification : C.A - Finalist 

       5. Martial Status : Never Married

       6. Height : 5.8"

       7. Weight : 75 kg

       8. Colour : Brown 

       9. Brother : 2 ( Married )

       11. City.     : Dubai 

       12. Profession : Accounts and Tax 

       15. Cast : Khan

       16. Parents : Late

       Mention must your requirements

       1. Age : 25-30

       2. Height : 5.8' 

       3. Colour : Fair 

       4. City : Any

       5. Qualification

 Graduate or more

Friday 20 October 2023

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Wednesday 18 October 2023

Parental Pressure and Emotional Well-being in the Search for a Wife

 Discuss the emotional and psychological impact of parental pressure on individuals seeking a life partner.


Father Name: M.Arshad

Cast:Kakyzai Pathan.


Boys age:30 years old 

Education: Master's in Mass Communication.

Father Occupation: Business Man

Mother: House Wife.

Siblings:Two elder sisters married.

Sunday 15 October 2023

Second Marriages in Lahore: Blending Families and Hearts

                                         Second Marriages in Lahore: Blending Families and Hearts

Explore the complexities of second marriages in Lahore, focusing on blending families

and creating harmonious relationships.


Name: Syed Zain Ali Zaidi

Cast: Zaidi Syed (Shia)

Qualification: BS (Hons.) Accounting & Finance

Job: Fauji Fertilizers Company 

Height: 5ft 11"

Siblings: 1 sister married , 1 brother married.

Mother: Housewife

Father: Retired from Fauji Fertilizers Company

Own House

Matchmaking Services Clipart Marriage and family Marriage Counseling

                                           Clipart Marriage and family Marriage Counseling


Age: 26

Hieght: 5'6

Marital status Single 

Hometown: Sargodha

Zameendar (Jutt)

Location. Islamabad (own house)

Education: MBA (Bahria University), 

Mphil (National Defence University) 

Father: Businessman

Mother: Homemaker

Siblings: 4 brothers 

2 France Contractor

1 domestic cricketer

1 Civil engineer MCE

Thursday 12 October 2023

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Sunday 8 October 2023

Energy-Efficient Home Upgrades for a Sustainable Future

 Discuss eco-friendly home improvement options and their benefits for the environment and your


Name: Muhammad ALI

▪Date of Birth: 1 December 1998

▪Height: 05 feet 11 inches 


▪Maslak(Sunni,Shia etc): Sunni 

▪Caste: 𝔾𝕦𝕛𝕛𝕒𝕣 

▪Education: Qualified Chartered Accountant from ICAP, proof can be given upon request, studied from Lahore.

▪Occupation: Senior Auditor

▪Father's name and occupation: Munir Ahmad Retired Govt employee 

▪Mother's name and occupation: Parveen Bana, house wife 

▪Number of siblings: 4

▪Siblings education and martial status(married or unmarried):

1 sister married lives in DHA EME Lahore

2 sister married lives in Audit and accounts Lahore

3 brother married lives in home town with parents.

all married except Qasim

▪Nationality/citizenship: Pakistani/Qatari resident

▪Address : old salata, Qatar 

▪Parental address: Old Harappa city

▪Area of parental house(Marla,kanal etc): 2 kanals

▪House(own or rental): owned 


Minimum 5 feet 5 inches


appearance: lean and skinny 

▪Age limit: maximum 25

▪Education: Minimum Bachelors in any subject, MBBS and CA will be preferred. 

▪Country/Province/City: Any where in the world, Qatar, UK, KSA, Lahore is pref.

▪Religious/moderate: No comments

▪Family background: any 

▪Occupation: any 

▪Preferred caste: any

▪Preferred Maslak: Sunni 

▪Nationality/citizenship: any National 

Second Marriage details 

(If you are 1st marriage case you may leave this part  unfilled)


▪Reason for separation:

▪Duration of marriage:


▪Guardian of children:

▪Other information: 

Friday 6 October 2023

Planning for Future Family Additions to Your Home

Consider how your home will accommodate potential future family additions, such as children or


🔹Name:Muhammad ALI

🔹Education:Ms in Mechanical Engineering (18 years of education) 

🔹University/college:Uet Lahore 


🔹Height: 6 ft

🔹Caste: jutt


🔹income: 50 plus                       

🔹Adress: Sahiwal and lhr. 

🔹Language:Urdu, English 

🔹status marriage: unmarried 


🔹 Father profession:Teacher

🔹 Mother profession:Teacher 

🔹Married brother: No

🔹Married sister:No

🔹Unmarried brother: one

🔹Unmarried sister:two

🔷Residence:  own

🔹house area:11marla

🔹Agricultural land (2 acer ):

🔹Plot govt. Housing society Sahiwal

 🔸Doing job in Lahore (plan to move australia with wife) 

 Conveyance :Car(Suzuki Alto) 


🔸Max age:20 - 26


🔸Height:5.5 plus


🔸Caste:preferable jutt 

🔸demand:Good Family, Good looking girl


Thursday 5 October 2023

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Tuesday 3 October 2023

Renting vs. Buying: Pros and Cons

 Compare the advantages and disadvantages of renting a home versus buying one, considering your


GENDER: Female

🔹Name: Amna

🔹father name:  M.Izhar

🔹 Education:  M.phil.cont

🔹 Age: 25y

🔹Height: 5' 4""

🔹 Caste:  jutt

🔹Sect:maslak  sunni

🔹 business/job. Own School

🔹income.  Al Hamdulliah             

🔹Adress:  Sodiwal 

🔹status marriage?  Singal


🔹 Father:  Not Alive

🔹 Mother:  Principal

🔹 Brothers: 4

🔹 Sisters: 3

🔹Married:sis . 2 Bro

🔷Residence:  .......


🔸Max age:  30y

🔸Education: Master

🔸Height. 5.8

🔸City:  Lahore

   Cuntry Pakistan

🔸Cast: Rajpoot jutt