Sunday 17 October 2021

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Shadi Website In Pakistan Happy Shadi Website Mirpur Azad Kashmir


  Pakistanis, who are in search of a perfect life partner in lahore Rishta. Please search profile manually before approving and may contact member to verify details if need. Syed Haider Ali Bukhari

Name of Father or Mother

­čö║Name of Boy/Girl :Fatima 

­čö║Date of birth:26 years 

­čö║Cast: Rajpoot sulehria

­čö║Sect (Sunni/Shia): shia

­čö║Height:5 foot 6 inches

­čö║Qualifications: pharm D

­čö║Details of job/business : doing job in a professional institution 

­čö║Previous marriage if any? No 

­čö║Parents's detail : retired gov servant. 

Mother :grade 17 chief technician 

­čö║Siblings:2 one sister doctor  married 

One brother... Master in hotel management and tourism 

­čö║Area of Residence & City :mirpur Azad Kashmir 

­čö║Demand :well educated, descent, humble, religious should be ahle tashi, down to earth 


  1. My name is Muhammad muneeb.i am 38 year old.fiqa jafriya believe.03456696665