Saturday 19 February 2022

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GENDER: male
🔹Name: M.ALI
🔹father name: syed Akbar 
🔹 Education:  MBBS
🔹 Age: 29
🔹Height: 5,7
🔹 Caste: syed 
🔹Sect:maslak Shia 
🔹 business/job. Done house 
🔹Adress: Lahore 
🔹status marriage? Single 
🔹 Father: Businessman 
🔹 Mother:  house wife 
🔹 Brothers: 3
🔹 Sisters: 0
🔹Married:sis .0
🔷Residence: Lahore 
🔸Max age: 25
🔸Education: MBBS or FCPS
🔸Height. Not less then 5,5
🔸City: punjab 
   Cuntry Pakistan 
🔸Cast: syed


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