Sunday 29 January 2023

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Find Rishta In The Jutt Male Son Lecturer Hong kong University PHD


Do you wish to find Rishta in the of Hong kong for 2023? If you are looking for someone special to spend your life with, the journey begins with finding the right match. Fortunately, there are now platforms that can cater to the growing need of finding Rishta in Hong kong.

GENDER: male

🔹Name: Ahmad

🔹father name: Muhammad 

🔹 Education:  PHD

🔹 Age:32

🔹Height:6 ft

🔹 Caste: Chattha jutt

🔹Sect:    suni

🔹 business/job.   Lecturer Hong kong University 

🔹income.    800000                  

🔹Adress:       lahore

🔹status marriage? Never Married 


🔹 Father: Retired Advocate 

🔹 Mother: Late

🔹 Brothers: 5

🔹 Sisters: No

🔹Married:sis .N/A

🔷Residence: Gujranwala 


🔸Max age: 28

🔸Education: Professional 

🔸Height. 5.5

🔸City: Any

   Country Pakistan 

🔸Cast: Jutt



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