Tuesday 13 February 2024

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Crafting DIY Wedding Decor for a Personal Touch


        Embrace creativity and individuality by designing and creating your wedding decorations.

GENDER: female

🔹Name:  Zainabia

🔹Father name:   Hussain

🔹 Education:  BS in Computer Science 

🔹 Age:  26

🔹Height:  5.2

🔹 Caste:  Malik (Thaheem)

🔹Sect: Ahl-e-Tashi

🔹 Business/Job.  Working as a Software Engineer at a software house in Lahore.

🔹Income.  80k-90k          

🔹Address:  Lives in Lahore         

🔹Status marriage?  Single


🔹 Father:  Akhtar Hussain 

🔹 Mother:  Umat-ul-Jabeen

🔹 Brothers:  0

🔹 Sisters:  2 Sisters

🔹Married:sis .  0

🔷Residence:  Girl's family currently living in Mangla Dam Wapda Colony, and they plan to move to Lahore within a year.


🔸Max age:  26-31

🔸Education:  Doctor, Engineer, CSS officers or any Businessman

🔸Height.  5.8 to 6ft

🔸City:  Lahore

   Country:  Pakistan

🔸Cast:  Any Cast

🔸Sect:  Any Sect


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