Sunday 17 March 2024

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Eco-Friendly Tech: Sustainable Smartphones for a Green Wedding Gift - Norway


                         Eco-Friendly Tech: Sustainable Smartphones for a Green Wedding Gift

Highlight smartphones that contribute to a sustainable lifestyle, making them an environmentally

conscious wedding gift.

Name:                      Dr. ALI

Age:                          31 years

Education:               Mbbs Doctor

Height:                      5.7

Colour:                      White/ brown

Religion:                   Islam, sunni

Martial status:        Single, Never married before

Profession:              Doctor, general practitoner,                   

Working place:        Own clinic, in Østfold, Norway

Cast:                          Dogar, from Khanqah Dogran

Family:                      Father ( retired), Mother ( died),                                                                                 #                                  1 elder brother ( married), 2                   

                                     Sisters( Both are married)

Residence:              All family members are 

<                                Norwegian citizens and live in 

place of Residence:     Norway, have own house : adr.:                                

 Raveien 14B, 1580     

<   Rygge/Moss, Norway

Requirement: Looking for a decent, gentle girl who respects our elders, has a deep sense of responsibility towards the family, prefer to marry someone from dogar family, but can accept from other casts. My first preference is a girl who is a doctor or from health sector, but can consider other professionals too. I expect from my future wife to appreciate my lifestyle choices which are in accordance with our Din and culture.


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