Tuesday 8 March 2022

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BUKHARI MARRIAGE CENTER Best Shadi or waldain ki zimahdari


                                                         Shadi or waldain ki zimahdari

Today my topic is marriage and parents’ responsibilities. Marriage is such an

intimate relationship in which not only boy or girl in relation rather the families of

both or relations.This is a beautiful system of Allah that we do not know the other families in

advance, but when we have a relationship, we meet both families like we know

each other’s from long time.To avoid after-marriage issues we talk to our son or daughter what is your wish which kind of Rishta you need and the responsibilities of parents to guide their

son or daughter on which one is best for you. Because parents know the habits of

own children. Bukhari Marriage Center by itself get the other family’s complete details and then

refer to for Rishta. We still recommend that families to get complete information

about other families. So that there is no unhappiness after marriage.

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