Sunday 18 June 2023

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Urgent Rishta Service for Female Lecture (BPS -17) in Lahore Rajpoot Family


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Name: AMNA

🔹father name: ALI

🔹 Education: Lecture (BPS -17) 

🔹 Age: 25Y

🔹Height: 5'11

🔹 Caste:  Rajpur

🔹Sect: sunni

🔹 business/job.   Docter 

🔹income.                   Good   

🔹Adress:      Lahore 

🔹status marriage? Unmarried 


🔹 Father:  Docter 

🔹 Mother: yes

🔹 Brothers: 1

🔹 Sisters: 1

🔹Married:sis .1

Brother is married.1

🔷Residence:  Lahore 


🔸Max age: 30years

🔸Education: Ms

🔸Height. Minimum 5.9 feet

🔸City:  Lahore 

   Cuntry : Pakistan 

🔸Cast: SYED rajput, jutt awan,


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