Monday 6 November 2023

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The Importance of Religion in Partner Selection in Pakistan


                         Multicultural Marriage Pakistan Importance of Religion in Partner Selection 

 complexities and challenges of cross-cultural marriages in Pakistan, including issues related 

including issues related to cultural differences and acceptance.

Name: Muhammad Nadeem 

Marriage 1st/2nd: 1st marriage

Weight: 60kg

Age: 29years

Caste: Rajpot

Hight: 5'7"

Qualification: civil Engineering

City: Lahore

Country: Pakistan

Jop: Business

Religion: Islam

Maslak: Sunni

Parmanent address: Muhallah ward no11 kahna Nou Disst Lahore

Resident address: Mustafa Abad Lalyani teh Disst Kasur

Call number oR Whatsapp number

Family details?

Father name: Muhammad Hashim

Business: Farmers 11aekar Rakba

Mather: House home par

Size own: 10Marla double story house

Brother: 5

Married brother: 2

Sister: 5

Married Sister: 4


Marriage:1st, let's, oR second marriages

Qualification: 10th ta MA

Age: 20ta40 year's


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