Thursday 16 May 2024

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Top Best Matrimonial Websites Social media made Easier find Rishta Germany


                             Matrimonial Websites Social media made Easier find Rishta Germany

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(i)Electronics Engineering (GIKI) with distinction
(ii) MBA in Marketing & Finance (LSE) Gold Medalist
(iii) PMP Certification

Job: Multinational Finland Company

Position:  Technical Design Manager (Telecom)

Height: 5ft 11"

Age: 36 year

Cast: Rajput

Sect: Sunni

Mother Name: Retd. Grade 20 MBBS Medical Supritendent 

Father Name: Rtd Grade 20 Chief Engineer Govt

Religion: Sunni, ( Rajpoot) 

Siblings: Two sisters  MBBS، FCPS qualified specialists، grade 18 and grade 19 Alhamdulillah, ); 1 bro (married Manager in Hospital)

Residence: Owned 2 Kanal,


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