Tuesday 29 August 2023

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The Lahore's Marriage Culture Syed naqvi Fiqa e jaffria


 Explore the cultural nuances and significance of dowry in Lahore's marriage customs,

understanding its role in partner selection.

1. Gender: Female

2. Name:XYZ

3. Caste: Syed naqvi

4. Sect: Fiqa e jaffria

5. Age: 24

6. Physical health:

7. Complexion: Fair

8: Hight: 5.6

9.Education: Software Engineer + CSS (waiting for result)

10.Job: Senior Technical writer in Software house, Lahore. 

11.Marital Status: single

12. Current City: Lahore

13. Home Town/basically:  Lahore


15. Mother Language: urdu/punjabi

Family Information

16. Father: Syed Fazal Abbas Naqvi


17. Mother: house wife

18.Siblings: Sisters 4, brother 1

19. 1st sister: electrical engineer (married)

2nd sister: mechatronics engineer (settled in America)

3rd sister: aeronotical engineer (continue) 

4th sister: college

Brother: businessman

*Demands/Requirements if Any: Educated/ Settled / shia syed/ noble, modern and open minded family


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