Saturday 24 July 2021

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Online Rishta Pakistan Lahore Free matchmaking proposals and rishtay


 Online Rishta Pakistan is a free Pakistani marriage proposals service for local and overseas Pakistanis male and female. It is a only Free Pakistani Matrimonial online matchmaking best site. Bukhari mc is the real website of Syed haider ali bukahri.

GENDER: Female

🔹Name: ABC

🔹father name: Muhammad 

🔹 Education:  Doctor Of Physiotherapy

🔹 Age: 26

🔹Height: 5.7

🔹 Caste: Jutt Warraich

🔹Sect: Sunni

🔹 business/job. Jinnah Hospital Lahore                    

🔹Adress:Pak Arab Society Lahore            

🔹status marriage Single


🔹 Father: Govt. Employee

🔹 Mother: Housewife

🔹 Brothers: 2

🔹 Sisters: 0

🔷Residence:Pak Arab Society Lahore


🔸Max age: 30

🔸Education: Professional Degree

🔸Height. 5.8 - 6

🔸City:  Lahore

   Cuntry Pakistan

🔸Cast: Jutt


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