Tuesday 13 July 2021

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Get Rishta ideas in 2021 tie the knots marriage proposal


Get Rishta is a Pakistan, best rishta site that helps people to find and meet each other ... girl Rishta marriage matrimonial proposal Lahore Syed Haider Ali Bukhari.
GENDER: female
🔹Name: Hafsa Saddique
                  🔹father name:Muhammad Saddique
        🔹 Education:(B.SC)🔹 Age:23
  🔹Height:5.4🔹 Caste:Malik
  🔹Sect:maslak Sunni Muslim
                          🔹 business/job.   🔹income.                          
    🔹Adress: jand/Attock              
🔹status marriage?Single
    🔹 Father:Muhammad Saddique
🔹 Mother:Shazia Saddique
🔹 Brothers:Haseeb Saddique
🔹 Sisters:Huzaifa & Abeera
Requirements🔸Max age:25-30
🔸Height.5.8/6🔸City: U.k 



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