Wednesday 14 July 2021

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Shadi Website In Pakistan Happy Shadi Website Rishta Service Syed Shia Female


                                            Shadi Website In Pakistan Happy Shadi Website

 Pakistanis, who are in search of a perfect life partner in lahore Rishta. Please search profile manually before approving and may contact member to verify details if need. Syed Haider Ali Bukhari 

Gender: female

2) Name: Syeda Kazmi

3) Father name: Syed Ali Kazmi 

4) Age: 20 

5) Height 5 feet 3 inch

2. Education details:

1) Matric from LGGs

2) Inter from Punjab college

3) Bs psychology from UCP in process 2years done 2 years left 

3. Religious details: 

1) Religion: Islam 

2) Cast: Syed (Kazmi)

3) Sect: Shia 

4. Family details:

1) Father occupation: business restaurant

2) Mother occupation: house wife 

3) Brother: 2 

4) Sister: 1 

5) Married: none

5. Address: LAHORE

6. Phone number: requirements ,Syed Shia family


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