Thursday 6 June 2024

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Top 10 Qualities to Look for in a Wife in 2024


 Finding a good wife is a journey that involves more than just attraction. Discover the top 10 qualities that make a woman a great partner for marriage in 2024. From emotional intelligence to shared values, learn what to prioritize in your search.

🔹Name: Aziz ALI

🔹father name: ALI

🔹 Education:  FA

🔹 Age:  29


🔹 Caste: malik

🔹Sect:maslak suni

🔹 business/job.   Business 

🔹income. 120000 RS                     

🔹Adress.  town ship Lahore              

🔹status marriage? No


🔹 Father: pass away

🔹 Mother: pass away

🔹 Brothers: 4

🔹 Sisters: 2

🔹Married:sis .all married

🔷Residence: Lahore 


🔸Max age: 26

🔸Education: 10 class ok

🔸Height. 5.6


   Cuntry pakistan 

🔸Cast: any


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